Casey Braam
{Artist Bio}

Casey Braam was born into, in the words of Robert Henri, “That wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” The namesake of his grandfather, also an artist, creativity runs through both Casey’s veins and across his family tree. Alongside the elder Casey Braam, Casey also looks to a great-grandfather for inspiration, as well as to his father, locally celebrated for his remarkable woodcarvings.

With this heritage, it’s no wonder that from an early age Casey was finding artistic motivation all around him in the beauty of his hometown of Terrace, BC: from the splendour of the mountain ranges that surrounded him to the flashing colours of the salmon that swim up the Skeena River, there was no shortage of muses to fuel Casey’s creative fire. He describes his art not as a hobby but as a necessity: “[Art] is something I need to do. It puts my mind in the right place.”

Casey’s art functions as an autobiography as well as a love letter to the natural world. He’s a fisheries technician and enthusiastic explorer and he paints what he knows – rivers, fish, mountains, bears – and manages, through acrylic paint on a canvas, to communicate his own passion and awe for the wild world he calls home and welcomes observers into that wild world and to feel that passion and that awe for themselves.





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