Brook Trout

Brook Trout study

Brook Trout study

Pencil drawing is how it all began. I grew up drawing. I remember countless hours drawing in my room. Hunched over the pine desk that my dad built me and that I still use today. In fact I sit at that very desk typing this post. Pencil drawing thought me so much  about everything: about patience, diligence, confidence, form and function, about light and shape, about everything thatI need to do what I do now. And still it lingers as part of my process. I use it as a tool now, and still as a method of self teaching. If I need to layout a painting, or learn about the form and function of a new character I always break out the trusted old friends of paper and pencil. I feel endlessly comfortable with a blank page in front of me, the warmth of my halogen desk lamp, my legs tucked under the old pine desk, and a
blue staedtler pencil in my hand.

Here I have begun to study the brook trout, a new species for me and the subject of an up coming commission. A study sketch is a great way to be confident in the understanding of your subject manor going into an acrylic painting.



Brown Bear Creek

Just down the road from where I have spent my last three summers, Brown Bear Creek is a beautiful spot that is easily inspiring. Coho run up this stream and finish their journey in that inky black pool at the bottom of the falls. The light pours into this cavernous place on summer’s afternoons, bringing superb light and wonderful greens and yellows from the moss and leaves.

Brown Bear Creek 24" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas

Brown Bear Creek
24″ x 36″
Acrylic on Canvas

Spring Creek

I start with one of my simplest pieces that brings me the simplest of joys – “Spring Creek”. Some of my first memories are of this place. Capturing the calming, nostalgic effect this little creek has on me was the key to making it work.


9" x 18" Acrylic on Board

9″ x 18″
Acrylic on Board